Englische Flagge (Grafik: pixabay/br-medienagentur)Behavioral appeal to the public during the Easter weekend due to the Corona crisis

The District Office and police Department in Kelheim and Mainburg urge the population to stay at home and to comply with the hygiene rules (including frequent hand washing with soap). There is an exit restriction in the entire area of the Federal Republic of Germany, including Free State of Bavaria and thus also in the district of Kelheim. You are allowed to leave your apartment or caravan only for walking, playing sports or seeing a doctor. If you leave your apartment or caravan, you may only go for a walk or play sports alone or with your family members. The social distance regulations of atleast 1.5 meters must be strictly observed. It is also pointed out that during the Easter holidays (Good Friday (April 10th, 2020), Easter Sunday (April 12th, 2020), Easter Monday (April 13th, 2020)) all retail stores (supermarkets, bakeries, butchers) are closed. The containment of the corona virus must continue to be ensured by all means even over the Easter holidays. The Kelheim District Office and the Police Inspectorate in Mainburg would like to thank you for complying with the rules to combat the corona pandemic!

Please stay at home!
Your face mask protects the neighbor.

Thomas Stadler
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